Selling hair extensions online should be cheaper and profitable

Small hair businesses waste over $2,000 a year on vendor lists, hair testing and shipping before they even launch their businesses.  We  understand the struggles of finding quality hair at an affordable price and that’s why we continuously research worldwide and perform extensive quality control on all our best priced hair extensions to ensure repeat customer rate for your business.

Meet the team

Donna Zim

Founder /CEO

Cynthia Evans

Marketing Director

Tony Attoh

Quality Control Manager

Peter Wright

Research & Development Manager

David Brown

Product Specialist

Whitney Garcia

Customer Service Support

Our story

As the founder of Forever Picky, I wanted to solve a problem I have seen a lot of small businesses face which is finding quality wholesale products without unnecessary extra charges. Moreover, I have been wearing hair extensions for years, I know all about frizzy, tangling and excessive hair shedding. I can easily identify the difference between good and bad hair. As exciting as starting a hair business is, it can be very frustrating at the same time. Finding quality hair at a price you can afford is almost like finding needle in a haystack. It’s even more stressful dealing with scam vendors online. At Forever Picky, we ensure that you purchase our hair extensions at just the wholesale price and yes our prices are very affordable!  Check it out here

Our lifetime membership package gives you access to free unlimited shipping, no PayPal fees (normally charged by vendors) and hair extensions at an affordable wholesale price. This not only saves you 30% of every order but you are also assured of the quality of our hair extensions. Not completely sure? We offer 100% money-back guarantee protection if you are not happy with the quality.





Sample hair testing

We buy virgin hair extensions from factories in Vietnam, China and India that is collected by our dealers. Before we handpick or select extension. We choose the hair based on 

  • Roots aligned at the top and cuticles running in the same direction
  • Lice check
  • Excessive Shedding
  • Wet tangle testing

We bleach and dye a sample of our hair extensions to check for excessive degradation or fragile and crinkled outcomes.  Bleaching is normally done in small quantities to reduce any damages. When the dying stage is completed, hair is rinsed and cooled down and checked for color saturation.

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Let us help you promote your business

Almost 88% of buyers consider online reviews very important when making a purhase decision. As part of your life time membership, you will gain access to powerful brand ambassadors who specialise in promoting small hair brands. This is a fast way to not only reach new customers but to also boost your business reputation.  We work with social media influencers who have established credibility in the hair niche and have access to a large audience online.

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